While the rest of the country has been bombarded with snow and frigid temps, we’ve managed to escape the snow here in SC.  We’ve had some really cold days and nights lately but Monday the temperature was in the 60’s.  When the meteorologist predicted snow this week, I thought they were crazy, after all, its SC. With the ever-changing forecast, the bombardment of the grocery stories (I was one of them) and the anticipation of the wet white stuff. It finally arrived!

My front yard view at 9 am
My patio at 8:00 pm
My front view at 10:00 pm

For the last 11 years, I’ve lived in warm climate places  – Hawaii, Atlanta and now SC. It was good to see and feel this beautiful winter wonderland.  Thank you Mr. Weather man/woman for the predictions but I’m done. I don’t need anymore.

Did you have snow this week?

5 Comments on Snow Day in South Carolina

  1. Being from the South – boran and raised in New Orleans, now living in Houston, I am always excited by the threat of snow, but that is only if I can stay home and look at it from the comfort of my living room or patio. We have to shut down for stuff like this. It is pretty though.

  2. I am originally from Kansas City, Missouri (born and raised) I am no stranger to the snow, and ice (MIDWEST GIRL). I love to see it fall! But, driving in it is something totally different ( it can be so dangerous) – and being here in Atlanta, GA ( I been here 9 years) it was really bad! It was so terrible, the driving conditions were horrible. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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