Yesterday was National Dog Day, I want to introduce you to our lovable Mr. Smokey Jet (yep, he has a first and middle name). He is our spoiled, “thinks he is human” fur baby.

My husband and I are originally from TN and huge Tennessee Volunteers fans. So, we named him after their mascot. He loves belly rubs, walks and treats! He doesn’t like the mailman (literally) and not fond of other dogs. He would rather be in the company of his human friends. As soon as we put all of his toys in the toy basket, he takes them out. We rarely give him anything resembling a bone whether a toy or rawhide because he hides them in different rooms inside the house. When he finds the perfect hiding place, he “throws” dirt to cover the bone. Amazing how he takes his head and throws the imaginary dirt. I’ll have to find the video and post.

This is our baby – never a dull moment. Are you a fur baby owner? If so, what kind?

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