Military spouse moving

June brought about many changes for us. Not only did our son graduate from high school (YEAH!), we also had yet another PCS (military term for permanent change of station) move to Ft Knox, KY.

As usual, the Army had to send the biggest available truck (we really need to purge) to carry our household goods. We left Columbia, SC (Ft Jackson) on June 21. Three people traveled two days in three cars with a dog, an overnight stay in Knoxville and a lot of snacks. Wickham Inn is our home away from home while we await base housing. I have mixed feelings about the historical home that we will be assigned but decorating is going to be fun.

I’ve started back on my healthy eating habits and I’ve been going to the gym on base at least four times a week. I sure miss the YMCA’s TV’s on the treadmill at Lake Carolina. Mr. Smokey Jet has finally adjusted to hotel living and enjoys looking out the window and barking at other dogs. Stay tuned for more adventures of this “Real Army Wife” making a new home in KY.

Photos are from LeeHenry Event’s June Instagram photos. To check out other Instagram photos, click here.

Photo credit: LeeHenry Events


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