UPDATE: We have since moved (twice). After Mr. Celebrate retired from the military, we decided to make the Nashville, TN area our new home.

Welcome to The Chronicles!

I’m excited to allow you into a glimpse of my life, a Wedding & Event planner, Army Wife, Mom and Founder of a non-profit. With all of these fun things, I am working a full-time job. WHEW! I’m tired from listing all of my duties.

I am living in Famously Hot Columbia, SC. We PCS’d (Army terms for relocated) here in 2011. It has been a quick two years. This next year is bittersweet as our son is in his senior year of high school.  Please cherish all those precious moments with your kids while they are young. It goes way too fast.

My furry baby (pictured) is Smokey Jet Cooper. He is special, precious, spoiled and thinks he is the head of the household. Smokey’s namesake is the TN Vols mascot. Yep, we are TN fans. From time to time, you’ll hear about Smokey’s adventures….he may even write a post or two. After all, he wrote a Christmas newsletter one year. I told you he is special like none other.

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