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A Pillow Hack

Do you have a hard time remembering when you purchased a pillow? I have a simple pillow hack that you will love. What is the photo above? It’s a pillow with a date. Why? Whenever I purchase new pillows, I write the date on the tag to remind me when it’s time for a replacement. […]

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Recipe: Ground Turkey Breast Steaks

Recipe for Turkey Steak

Don’t you get tired of the same ole dishes for dinner? I know I do. The other night, I decided to do something about it. I had some ground turkey breast and decided to make steaks out of the meat. Boy, it was DELICIOUS! Unfortunately, I just threw it together so I don’t have exact measurements […]

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National Dog Day

Yesterday was National Dog Day, I want to introduce you to our lovable Mr. Smokey Jet (yep, he has a first and middle name). He is our spoiled, “thinks he is human” fur baby. My husband and I are originally from TN and huge Tennessee Volunteers fans. So, we named him after their mascot. He loves […]

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