Can you believe it’s almost 2015? This year was definitely a blur.

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been strategizing, planning and designing LeeHenry Events (LHE) to become a better company. In the midst of planning, I decided on my top 15 goals for 2015. Although, these are my top, I have goals written for each quarter that I plan to accomplish. If you don’t have goals set for 2015, I highly encourage you to think of what the upcoming new year will look like for you and most important write them down.

My goals are broken down into Business, Personal and the non-profit I founded in memory of my mother.  A look at 2015:


1. Acquire more sponsorship

2. Complete Board manual include systems.


3. Book minimum 3 weddings

4. Book minimum 5 social celebrations

5. Produce 3 photo shoots

6. Network more with friends in and out of the industry.

7. Start mastermind group

8. Attend minimum one industry conference

9. Get published on blog or in a magazine

10. Trademark tagline (in progress)


11.Continue exercise – include weight training twice a week

12. Get more sleep (this is major)

13. Dig deeper into Bible Study

14. Volunteer with a local charity

15. —–

I intentionally left 15 blank. It’s something I’m working on…top secret. Since I shared my top 15 (well…14) with you, I want you to hold me accountable.

What are your top goals for the new year?

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